XOXO, Michelle ♡

Thank you for stopping by! It means everything to me to have piqued your interest and then gained your support!! All the earring pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel free, so you can go ahead and shop with no worries! Sending many xoxo's from Chicago <3


    I absolutely love how i can design and print my own packing labels with MUNBYN! plus no ink cost!!!!

    click for munbyn 
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    These Chinese characters make up the word "Love Yourself". Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves right, whether it means loving our bodies, allowing our minds to have a healthy sleep schedule, etc.


    Have you given what your mental and physical state needed today :o?

  • 14" Greek Paddles

    Newest Edition:

    My resin paddles have evolved from only preserved/pressed flowers to custom vinyl art work!

    Customs are currently CLOSED for the time being. I am pausing all new orders until I am at a better place with all my current paddles. Please keep in mind im only available to work on greek paddles during the weekend and super late at night due to my other work!

    thank you for your patience! I cannot wait to see what else we can make together <3